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True Peace


I was at Mission Barbeque at Opry Mills last Friday, and when I went into the lavatory there was a picture of Marilyn Monroe over the urinal. I read this book about Marilyn Monroe, and as I wrote this post she came to mind. With all due respect to those who knew her I have to pity her because she never knew true peace. Her worth was found in men, and Hollywood used her the way I use a vacuum cleaner to clean Nashville homes. She allowed it however, and I think our Father’s mercies are upon her now even these plethora of years later as she is not subject to the discarding of Hollywood’s definition of worth. Never let a human being define your worth. Let my Father see you as a unique creation on which He does not fail. Period. 

A sense of humor is important, but there are some subjects within the context of community and more personal relationships when it’s too early to laugh.

I do not need to take myself so seriously that I can’t laugh at myself, but there is a time to take myself seriously as it pertains to overcoming a particular shortcoming or sin.

Coming to grips with the damage done is a very serious matter that I meditate on, but to gravel in guilt and shame is of course straight from the agenda of Satan himself. Satan may not be directly involved, but he doesn’t have to be for it to be grafted into the thinking of a human being.

We’ve always lived in dark times, but the statements created that become beliefs can be overcome.

We are not left alone to our brokenness even when the end is suicide. If someone drags you and a loved one through shit because they took their own life just walk away because you’ll get it on you.

Boundaries are powerful, and God created them for our protection.

That’s why the word propitiation is so powerful in the text. In my paraphrase I take “hilasterion” and phrase it “boundary.” Boundaries cover and protect, and my LORD’s “atoning sacrifice” and “propitiation” is a boundary from destruction, perishing or annihilation. I am forever secure in the presence of my Father even in death.

That is the reason fear is done away with literally. Oh, I have to choose to believe it because He does not force it upon me.

And I believe it, hence all things can become new.

I pray your faith dive to that kind of depth because you can take all the Prozac in the world, and you’ll never have that kind of peace.

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Real Struggles

imagesI feel miserable when I overeat. Why do I do it? I’m trying to fill a void when I do it. It doesn’t help me fit into the large t-shirts I’m buying now. I’ve been buying XL for many years. I can’t get down to the 180 I want to if I continue to overeat, but I am also overanalyzing this as I frequently do.

An even keel approach to life is important, and my bi-polar episodes would be less dramatic if the even keels were more frequent then the binge eatings at dinner time. My semantic has been to push the plate back, but frequently when I’m clearing the table I reason that my “movement” doing the dishes burns calories. Oh it burns calories, but not the 500 I consumed in that fourth piece of oh so delicious homemade pizza. It’s a wonder I’m not 300. My girls joke about the 400 pound man they live with, but let me go on record as blogging that I am right at 220. Needless to say I need to drop 40 so I look good in those large shirts. Now I’m not vain enough to think I have to look good. Wanting to feel good trumps that, but I don’t like looking like some middle aged fat man who drinks multiple beers on the sofa every night in front of the game. I do drink butter beer in Diagon Alley with Hermione (my daughter) and Mrs. Weasley (my wife), and I must say that when you go to Universal Studios Orlando you must try it, but keep a look out for he-who-must-not-be-named. He’ll steal it from you!

Taking oneself seriously means I don’t take myself too seriously. Once again I cross a paradox. Emotional health calls us to such an attitude, and I suppose the rub comes when I “fall” off the eating wagon. There are people who have serious psychological issues as it’s connected with food, and I do not tread lightly on that subject. My prayers are continually with you because I would take great offense at someone who glibly looks or comments about depression. I walk softly around the very real struggles my friends have, and my heart is heavy for you as you take one day at a time like me.

That’s all we can ask of ourselves as we lay ourselves before a God who loves us unconditionally no strings attached.

I close with verse I’ve been meditating on all day. It’s from 1 John 4:18.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.