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Tossing and Turning

While I was cleaning a customer's house yesterday I took a break for lunch to go to my parents. I went back to finish cleaning that house, and I learned some information I didn't know beforehand that has me praying for a family I've prayed for many times before. After I finished cleaning that house… Continue reading Tossing and Turning

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Moved by the Son

It's overwhelming sometimes how the negative overshadows the positive. I was just trying to take a nap, but my mind would not rest. I started quoting a verse from memory, and it settled down a bit, but I still had to get up and come here to write. I don't write on any particular schedule… Continue reading Moved by the Son

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Small Group Theology

I start guitar lessons again on Friday April 7th. The number of times I've stopped and started guitar lessons is too numerous to count. My friend Kevin has yet to give up on me. I keep coming back time and again to aim for my goal of leading small group worship. My brother Jeremy is… Continue reading Small Group Theology